FAQs | Entertainment For Your Celebration


What time should I book the entertainment?

The first hour is typically the best time to have the performers create a grand entrance. The performers can serve as greeters to welcome your guests upon arrival and create a wonderful photo opportunity.

The second to last hour is the traditional time to have the performers create a grand finale. The performers can serve as motivators to engage your guests on the dance floor and create a high energy party atmosphere.

What is the duration of the entertainment?

The enhancements are delivered on the date, time, and location requested. A 30-minute reservation is granted to the enhancements that are labeled rentals such as the co2, confetti blaster, bubble, etc. An assistant will be present to drop-off and pick-up the rentals. 

The performers arrive on the date, time, and location requested. The performers entertain for a duration of 30-minutes. A one-hour reservation is granted to allow  a window of time to have the performance. This gives the client ample flexibility to have the performance when it is best based on the flow of the event. 

How many performers should I book? 

All of the performers are equally talented. You can book one or multiple performers. It only takes one performer to put on an amazing show. Additional performers create a bigger impact, cover more ground, and make more engagement. The more performers, the merrier! 

We suggest:

1 - 2 performers / 50 - 100 guests

3 - 4 performers / 150 - 200 guests

5 - 6 performers / 250 - 300  guests

 How soon in advance can I book and what are your requirements?

We suggest booking at least six months in advance to assure availability. The sooner you let us know, the sooner we check travel, confirm availability, and RSVP. A signed agreement, 50% deposit, and non-refundable fee will be required. The retainer fee is 30% of the total and serves to exclusively reserve the performers on the date, time, and location requested. The balance is due one month prior to the date of the affair. 

Are the performers insured and can you provide proof of insurance?
Yes, the performers are fully insured and can provide a copy of the certificate of 
insurance. Upon request, the client and venue can be added as the certificate holders. 

Do you offer any special deals?  Yes! We will be happy to offer the following discounts:

Use code TAKEOFF5 to receive 5% Discount for booking $495+ 
Use code TAKEOFF10 to receive 10% Discount for booking $990+
Use code TAKEOFF15 to receive 15% Discount for booking $1,980+